Sherlock Holmes in Minnesota? 

     In this segment, Jeff explains how and why he brought an English detective to Minnesota in the fall of 1886 (County Courthouse Caper).   A discussion of the challenges & rewards of writing historical fiction (particularly the challenges of following the footsteps of Dr. John Watson) is included.  A brief  Q&A session follows (as time allows). 


My Dear Watson!

(Investigating Sherlock Holmes)

     Jeff Falkingham's popular multimedia program Elementary, My Dear Watson! (Investigating Sherlock Holmes).takes you outside the box for an inside look at one of literature's most famous fictional characters. 

An Arthur Conan Doyle Primer 

      An overview of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s contributions to British and American literature, with a focus on the four novels and 56 short stories that constitute the Scottish writer’s Sherlockian Canon. This 10-minute costumed skit finds Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson discussing their creator, Doyle. It wraps up with a brief look at trivia about the Great Detective’s hat, cape, pipe & famous quotes. ​

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     Each program begins with An Arthur Conan Doyle Primer. Beyond that, YOU choose from two to five additional units (depending on audience interest & time constraints) to customize YOUR program. Each unit is 10 minutes in length, with a FULL program (including Q&A) running up to 90 minutes.

The Science of Sherlock Holmes

     A fascinating (slide show) look at the history of forensic science: blood stains, fingerprints, poison and ballistics are among the topics covered. Selected crimes from the Sherlock Holmes casebook are used to illustrate how criminal investigation methods have changed from 1895 to today. Learn how Holmes uses astute observation, deductive reasoning and inference to solve crimes that had baffled others.  

Ten Key Elements of a Good Mystery

     The author reads excerpts from Sherlockian tales (including his own) to illustrate how several key elements work together to produce a good mystery. These elements include narrative, dialog & action; setting (time and place); protagonist, antagonist, narrator and supporting characters; storyline (plot); and devices such as foreshadowing. 

NEW in 2018: 

Doyle vs. Clemens!

      In this intriguing new unit, Jeff examines Arthur Conan Doyle’s place in literary history, from both a vertical and horizontal perspective. In particular, the popular British author is compared to his American contemporary, Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain). 

The Many Faces of Mr. Holmes 

​    From Sidney Paget’s illustrations for the Strand magazine of London in 1891 to television’s Benedict Cumberbatch in 2018, you’ll see how Mr. Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed in print, on stage, in the movies and on TV over the past 130+ years. Stage actor William Gillette, Hollywood’s Basil Rathbone and British television’s Jeremy Brett & Benedict Cumberbatch are among the many performers you’ll meet in this 10-minute visual treat. (see REVIEWS)

Toby Sarahan of Eden Prairie, MN joins Jeff for An Arthur Conan Doyle Primer.