1) Actor, director, playwright and screenwriter Jeffrey Hatcher was keynote speaker at the August conference. 

2) Jeff with featured artist Amanda Downs Champlin and Peter Blau, dean of American Sherlockians. 

3) The talented Red-Throated League (including guest stars) wrapped up the conference with a rousing old-time radio production of Hound of the Baskervilles. 

   In 2020, Jeff took advantage of idle time (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) by launching his own self-publishing business! Here's his imprint logo, created by FASTSIGNS, Inc. of Eden Prairie, MN. 

​   *   *   *

Book Talks making a return! 

     After a long hiatus (due to the COVID pandemic), Jeff is going to tiptoe back onto the Book Talk trail!  In early March, he will give a Zoom presentation to the 'Five Miles from Anywhere' scion in Colorado. Later that month, he'll give a "live" Book Talk to the Rotary Club in Plymouth, MN. With the exception of a brief appearance at a Pop-Up Bookstore at AZ Gallery in St. Paul in December of 2021, these will be Jeff's first "official" Book Talks since December of 2019.  

​Photos below are from the triennial Sherlock Holmes Conference in Minneapolis in August of 2019.

Jeff is joined by Jeff Lubbers of Watertown, SD, for a program at Wing & Fin Resort on the shores of Lake Traverse in western Minnesota 

PHOTO: Jeff on Mystery Writers Panel with Twin Cities Chapter of Sisters in Crime at Deep Valley Book Festival in Mankato, October 2018. (Yes, as you can tell from the pillar behind the stage, it was held in a brewery!)

Jeff now fully self-publishing!     



Jeff gives 'provocative' toast!

     (Minneapolis—12/7/23) At the recent annual meeting of the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota, Jeff delivered what MC Steven Schier described as a “provocative” dinner toast. While his predecessors at the Minneapolis Golf Club gala asked audience members to raise a glass in honor of the likes of Holmes, Watson and Mrs. Hudson, Jeff chose a different approach. With tongue slightly in cheek, he urged his 70 or so fellow Sherlockians in attendance to take a second look at the Great Detective’s most hated adversary, Prof. James Moriarty.
     Jeff’s “provocative” toast appears below. (Photo courtesy of Amanda Downs Champlin; drawing at bottom by Sidney Paget, from the October 1893 issue of the Strand magazine.)

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere!

     Jeff Falkingham has conducted Book Talks at over 100 venues. Here are a few of the highlights:

  +  In March 2011, he helped a middle school librarian in SD win a Jan Stauber grant from the Beacon Society.  

  +  In November 2013, he performed at nine different cities/towns in the Kitchigami Regional Library System. 

  +  In April 2015, he provided the keynote address for the District Convention of the GFWC of west-central MN. 

  +  In December 2019, he was guest speaker for the Twin City 'Sisters in Crime' holiday gathering. 

   (See full list of Venues)


Upon Closer Examination 

London: Eighteen Eighty-Five.

A marvelous time to be alive.
But let’s jump ahead a year, or three,
And closely examine what we see:

Sherlock’s work has taken its toll.
The criminal element was under control!
Bored out of his gourd, addled by drugs,
Holmes dreams of blackmailers, killers and thugs.
When a worthy foe he cannot find,
He begins to CREATE one, in his MIND!
He always said he’d make a grand criminal.
So, he became one—in his subliminal!

What would he look like? No mystery here;
All Holmes had to do was look in the mirror.
A scholarly man. Tall, balding and thin,
With TWO personas at WAR within.
One who felt JUSTICE was sublime,
The other, a “Napoleon of Crime.”
Reptilian lips, slithering eyes,
Child’s play for a master of disguise.
Add drooping shoulders from years of study,
Voila! The ideal imaginary buddy.

Holmes tried him out, and fooled Le Strade.
No one else even found it o
They hadn’t heard of, had never seen,
This diabolically evil thinking machine.
But the doppelgänger wouldn’t stay put,
And now the Game truly was Afoot.
Valley of Fear, Baskerville Hall,
Empty House—he was behind them all.
The cocaine needle went back on the shelf,
As our Great Detective matched wits with

Shame on you, Monica Schmidt,
I’m shocked you haven’t TALKED of it!
Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
Moriarty was Holmes’s DARKER side.
So raise a glass, and welcome to the party: Sherlock’s ALTER-ego … MORIARTY!

     *   *   *

   (Jeff has been asked to reprise this toast at the annual dinner meeting of Dr. Watson's Neglected Patients in Arvada, CO this winter.)