"Minnesota History - Disguised as a Murder Mystery" 

     (Historical Fiction for Young Adults)        

Sherlock Holmes & the County Courthouse Caper (in eBook 11/11/20)

​      It’s November 1886 in the tiny frontier town of Browns Valley, Minnesota. A pioneer family’s idyllic life is suddenly disrupted by a series of discoveries: Six dead bodies, each hanging in a tree, with a letter burned into their forehead by a branding iron. 

     What do the letters spell? And who is the killer?

​      Even the great Sherlock Holmes is baffled---until a 12-year-old frontier lad named Petey Smith, and a pair of mixed bloods called Iron Will and Muley, come to his aid. The history, geography and cultural diversity of the Minnesota River Valley are intertwined with tales of political corruption, deceit, vengeance and murder in this intriguing blend of fact and fiction. 

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​​​(in Paperback 12/1/20)

   2 Adventures

   in 1 Volume!

     MURDER in Minnesota!  

is a 2-in-1 bundling of Jeff's two earlier 

works of historical fiction (as described

below). Get TWO adventures -- for

ONE very low price.

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In July 2019, Jeff's 'MURDER in Minnesota!' Two Sherlockian Tales' received a 5-STAR REVIEW from the 'I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere' website. 



       Jeff Falkingham is a mystery lover and history buff who writes for readers of all ages who share those passions. To date, he has published two works of historical fiction that bring the Great Detective, Sherlock Holmes, to Minnesota in the late 1800s. Summaries of the two stories appear below. Both tales have been well-received among members of the worldwide Sherlockian community, as can be seen on the Reviews page.  

     In March of 2018, Jeff released MURDER in Minnesota! - a 2-in-1 bundle that combined his earlier Sherlockian adventures into a single volume - at a very affordable price! We're pleased to announce that, after a brief hiatus, ALL THREE books have returned to market in time for 2020 year-end holiday shopping! (See titles below for release dates.)

Cover by:

Rene Asmussen.

Sherlock Holmes: In Search of the Source (in eBook 11/18/20)

     It’s December 1896 in the booming capital city of St. Paul, Minnesota. Amid thousands of German, Irish and Swedish immigrants, Sherlock Holmes has returned to America to attend the wedding of Peter Smith, whom he’d befriended 10 years earlier in the case of the County Courthouse Caper.

​     Suddenly, there are complications: An overnight fire. A life’s work destroyed. And worse: A dead body. The only clues? A pair of boot prints. A mysterious fuel. A missing sword. Eventually, a member of Peter’s bridal party is implicated in arson---and murder. Now, Sherlock Holmes must race against time, and an overzealous police detective, to solve the crime, before the nuptials can proceed.​

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Jeff's work added to Beacon Booklist!
     (Feb. 2019) ‘MURDER in Minnesota! Two Sherlockian Tales by Jeff Falkingham’ has been added to the list of books recommended by the Beacon Society for young adult readers (teens/near-teens) ‘to enjoy and use for research purposes.’ The Beacon Society, based in Boston, promotes local programs and resources that ‘bring the magic of Sherlock Holmes to life’ for students, in their homes, their schools and their communities.
     This is the second time the Beacon Society has recognized Jeff’s work; he earlier shared a Jan Stauber Award for his school Book Talks program. He also has received recognition (and awards) from the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota for his efforts to promote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ stories. Jeff regularly performs at schools, libraries, book or social clubs, historical societies, care facilities and other venues. 
     If you'd like Jeff to speak with your group, use the Contact Form on this site to reach him. Rates are reasonable - and he loves to travel!