NOTE: Interest in Jeff's two Sherlock Holmes tales was revived in 2017, when a Blog he published about a "feud" between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Samuel Clemens went viral, capturing the attention of Sherlockian scholars and scions around the world! It was posted in several prominent Holmesian newsletters, including "Sherlockian E-Times" (click HERE to read it). The essay is actually an EXCERPT from the latest addition to Jeff's Book Talks menu, titled "Doyle vs. Clemens." 

Want to know what they're saying about Jeff's BOOK TALKS program?
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Jeff is joined by Jeff Lubbers of Watertown, SD, for a program at Wing & Fin Resort on the shores of Lake Traverse in western Minnesota 

Photo: Two young Holmes fans at Steeple Center in March.  .

​Jeff's "Book Talk" schedule 

After events at Hennepin & Dakota County libraries in April/May, Jeff goes to Browns Valley for a book signing at Ben's Bait, noon to 5pm, June 23. In the meantime, check him out in the Sherlockian E-Times:     MARCH Issue     APRIL Issue 

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere!

     Jeff Falkingham has conducted Book Talks at over 80 venues. Here are a few of the highlights:

  +  In March 2011, he helped a middle school librarian in SD win a Jan Stauber grant from the Beacon Society.  

  +  In November 2013, he performed at nine different cities/towns in the Kitchigami Regional Library System. 

  +  In April 2015, he provided the keynote address for the District Convention of the GFWC of west-central MN. 

  +  In June 2016, he was a featured performer at the Sesquicentennial Celebration in Browns Valley, MN.




In the first photo, Jeff is pictured with Sartell resident Joe Pfeiffle at Drakes Fine Food & Spirits in Sartell, Minnesota. In the middle photo, Jeff is joined by Leon Westbrock of Alexandria, MN -- a frequent "partner in crime." Lastly, 25-year LAPD veteran Gary Ingemunson, of Simi Valley, CA, loaned his expertise to a program in the Viking Library System. (Photos by Dennis Dalman, Bonita Falkingham and Betti Labs, respectively.)