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     Good news for book clubs, classroom teachers, ‘community reads’ programs - and all other eBook readers across Minnesota: With the advent of ‘MURDER in Minnesota! Two Sherlockian Tales by Jeff Falkingham’ (Jeff’s new 2-in-1 bundle, in both eBook and soft cover form), the author’s two original titles have been added to the BiblioBoard Library mobile and web platform!

     This means that everyone in your club, classroom or community has access to their own FREE eBook copy of Jeff’s ‘Sherlock Holmes and the County Courthouse Caper’ as well its sequel, ‘Sherlock Holmes: In Search of the Source’ - through the  ‘Indie Minnesota’ and/or ‘MN Writes/MN Reads’ programs at libraries across the state and region!

     Synopses and reviews of both tales can be found by clicking the BOOKS button on the menu bar at the top of this page. (Clicking the Back Arrow in upper left-hand corner of BOOKS page will bring you back to this page.) Because the narrator of both stories is an adventurous young frontier lad, the tales are ideal for introducing new fans to the fascinating world of Sherlock Holmes. In fact, the Beacon Society of Boston, which promotes resources that ‘bring the magic of Sherlock Holmes to life’ for students, recently added Jeff’s work to its list of books recommended for young readers to enjoy and use for research purposes.

    Click these links to access your FREE Caper and/or Search eBooks. 

    Or go to Indie Minnesota and Explore the ‘Young Adult’ Collection. (You may need to scroll to the bottom, as my books were added so recently.)

   If you haven’t already, you may need to create an account with Biblio OR your local library. Use the Contact form on this website to let me know if you have problems – or success! NOTE: I am working on making the FREE eBooks available to libraries in other states, and internationally as well. Stay tuned!