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Minnesota History Disguised as a Murder Mystery

   (The philosophy behind Jeff's tales of historical fiction for young adults)

  "Rudyard Kipling, author of stories ranging from Jungle Book to Captains Courageous, once said that 'If history were told in story form, it would never be forgotten.'

  "MY goal, in telling Minnesota history in story form, is not only to share my stories with others, but also to get young people, and their families, interested in investigating, reading about, writing about, talking about, thinking about, and remembering history -- especially their local and area history.

  "Thank you for reading!"  J F  

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Jeff is pictured in front of St. Paul's 7th Street Improvement Arches, leading to Swede Hollow (featured in In Search of the Source). Photo by Erik Falkingham.

Jeff Falkingham, 8585 Braxton Dr. Eden Prairie MN 55347 
952-949-0683 (leave message  /