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Enter for a chance to win a FREE signed copy of MURDER in Minnesota!

                 (Just in time for Valentine's Day -- NO Purchase Required)

    Autographed books make GREAT gifts, any time of year. On Dec. 2, Jeff gave away THREE (3) signed copies of MURDER in Minnesota! -- just in time for Christmas gift-giving. The contest proved so popular (with a huge spate of late entries) that he plans to give away three additional FREE signed copies -- one for Valentine's Day, one for Mother's Day, one for Father's Day -- again, just in time for gift-giving. 

     Deadline for the Valentine's Day giveaway is January 31, 2019. If you entered the recent contest and your name was NOT among the three winners drawn, your entry will remain in the bucket (along with any new entries) for future drawings.

     Again, there is NO purchase necessary! All you need do is answer ONE of the short Survey questions below:

     1) IF you have purchased a copy of MURDER, please list When & Where you purchased it, How Much you paid for it, and How Long you waited for Delivery.

     2) If you have NOT purchased a copy of MURDER, please state Why. For example: You tried, but experienced difficulties (please explain). You intended to, but haven't gotten around to it yet. You got it from your Library. You're not interested. (Any answer is acceptable.)

​     Then, simply use the Contact Form above to Submit your Survey! All entries received by January 31 will be printed out and put in the bucket, with one randomly-selected winner notified by Feb. 2. 

     The purpose of this Survey is to track the effectiveness of my publisher's marketing and distribution plans. Thank you for your support!  JF 

Jeff is pictured in front of St. Paul's 7th Street Improvement Arches, leading to Swede Hollow (featured in In Search of the Source). Photo by Erik Falkingham.

Jeff Falkingham, 8585 Braxton Dr. Eden Prairie MN 55347 
952-949-0683 (leave message  /